Starting a career in Website Development in 2024

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No matter what the experts say, there are some career options that aren’t going to get obsolete anytime soon*. One of such careers is Website Development. In this guide, you’re going to learn everything that you need in order to become a Website Developer in 2024. Even though, it’s not mandatory to have a degree or professional background in IT or any similar Computer Applications’ field, it’s recommended. But even if you don’t have such a background, continue reading because we are going to break things down and make the instructions as simple as possible.


  • Basic Communication Skills
  • Familiarity with some technical terminologies
  • Source of initial funds
  • Access to payment methods (Cards, UPI, Internet Banking, etc.) depending on where you’re located. (Writing this from India)

If you are someone who doesn’t like reading long articles, here’s our recommendations of the lately emerging platforms to take care of the following discussed topics, with affiliate links pointing to their respective websites:

Hostinger: To take care of your domain name and web hosting needs.

Most important things when doing website development as a profession:

Domain Name: A domain name is the name which users usually type in the address bar of their browsers. For example: (not case-sensitive)

Web Hosting: The content being served by a website is usually stored somewhere on a remote server. Now there are different ways to do that, for example, if your website is only going to serve static content then you can use something simpler to do that like using Firebase Storage for hosting.

Showcase: We at ServiceMela, often receive emails from different website developers who don’t have their own websites or even a showcase of their previous web development works. This leaves us wondering what exactly they are offering, which is huge turn-off. So, make sure you develop at least your own website or have some client-websites ready to showcase as part of your marketing strategy.

Sales: Well, there are already tons of articles written on this subject, so we are skipping this one for now.

After-sale Support: Not all of your clients are going to be pro at managing the website you develop for them. So, better have some sort of after-sales support/service as part of your offering. Believe me, this is one of the key-factors in retaining your clients. And as everyone probably already knows, retaining existing clients is usually cheaper than getting new clients.

We’ll try to keep this article updated with latest trends in website development as a career option.


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